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I share my family’s success stories (as well as a few flops) and our favorite books in Joy of Reading: One family’s fun-filled guide to reading success. Joy came out in 1997, a year before we all started reading Harry Potter. While hundreds of new books have been added to our library since then and my daughters are all now in their twenties, the books and essays about reading are still relevant to 21st century families.

“Weaving in anecdotes and commentary, (Duncan) has created far more than an annotated reading list. Reading Joy of Reading is more like having a conversation about books with a good friend.”

Newport Beach/Costa Mesa Daily Pilot

“. . . browsing in it (Joy of Reading) will give you years of titles to look for, and a contagious enthusiasm for the way Duncan and her husband, Bill, have turned their three daughters into bookworms.”

San Jose Mercury News

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